Custom Designs

The first step in getting your products made is showing what cool design you want on your custom t-shirt, hat, bag, or decal. To send us your design, please email the details and your file, with the information requested below, and we'll send you a quote. 

If you want to use a design from one of our large collection, you won't have a quote fee.  We can help customize something for you. Just email us and we will help you get started.  Note: We have MANY more designs than what can be shown on our website.  Just email what you are looking for and we can see if we have something that matches what you had in mind.

There are three costs throughout process.

Quote Fee  -->  Design Fee -->  Production Fee

First, you'll pay the Quote Fee here and now. This allows a designer to assess your design and get back to you with a quote on the Design Fee and Production Fee. The Design Fee is what it costs to convert your image into usable vector art and/or rhinestone art, and the Production Fee is the final cost of producing your shirts, decals, etc. These fees will vary based on complexity, volume, and required materials. No production will begin until all fees are paid in full. Designs and templates created by Snazz It Up Designs remain the property of Snazz It Up Designs.

We have three different business day (Mon-Fri) turnaround times on quotes and production. Here's the breakdown for each.

Standard | 3-5 Business Days for Quote ($1) | 10-14 Business Days for Production
Urgent | 2 Business Days for Quote ($15) | 5-7 Business Days for Production

For more info on placing a custom quote, please contact us at 714-512-0126 or (Please do not call or email in place of a quote.)

Additional Info:
  • Copyrighted images or designs submitted will require written consent from the owner

  • Design Fee will be waived for orders of 20 units or more
  • Some shirts and sizes are subject to special order fees and additional shipping time
  • Stated production time does not include transit time for shippable orders
  • Expedited shipping will require an additional fee
  • Quote times may be delayed due to inaccurate or unclear information and lack of customer cooperation
  • Quote Fees are non-refundable
  • Quotes expire after two weeks of being issued with no action taken

Please email your file and the following information to

Quote payments can be sent using PayPal to  You will receive confirmation of receipt of your order within 1 business day.

Please include the following information along with your DESIGN FILE:

(If an apparel item, include the style and/or brand and item number for more accurate quote)

  • Number of items desired
  • Apparel Sizing: Women, Jrs, Men, or Youth
  • Apparel type: V-neck, Crew neck (round), Flowy tank, Zip hoodie, Pullover hoodie, Fan Jersey, Baseball style, etc.
  • Decoration Style for Apparel: Rhinestone, Glitter or Non-glitter Heat Transfer, or Multi-dec (Rhinestones and Glitter)
  • Rhinestone Hat/Cap
  • Glitter Vinyl Decal
  • Regular (non-glitter) Vinyl Decal
  • Other

Design Info (with design file)

  • Desired Design Height (inches)
  • Desired Design Width (inches)
  • Number and colors of Rhinestone Colors
  • Number and colors of Glitter Heat Transfer Colors
  • Number and colors of Regular Heat Transfer material colors

Additional Notes (optional)

Thank you!